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1. n. a particularly comical quote by Hugh Laurie (acting as Dr. Greg House) on his hit TV show, House, M.d.
"My favorite houseism is when Stacy asks House what secrets he has and he loudly retorts, 'I'm gay!'"
by BestSkeptic January 01, 2006
n. 1: The distinct doctrine, cause, or theroy of Dr. Gregory House.

2: Telling it like it is.

3: Extream, often critical, sarcasm.
Common House-ism phrases

"As the philosopher Jagger once said, 'You can't always get what you want.'"

"This is Vicodin, it's mine. You can't have any."

Chase: The kid is missing.
House: Okay, you take Alpha Centuari, have Foreman check Tattooine, and have Cameron set up an intergalactic check piont. Of course if he went into hyper drive we'll never find him."

by Robert House September 17, 2006
A theory, phrase, habit or general action commited by Dr. Gregory House, usually offensive and amusing.
"The Houseism of the evening was when House stuck Wilson's fingers in the bowl of warm water while he slept, then put Wilson's pillow over the stain."
by The Locke August 20, 2006
n1: the distinct doctrine, cause, or theory of Dr. Gregory House
2: telling it like it is
The most infamous houseism is "Everybody lies".
by GREEN_LOVER September 26, 2009
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