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any common household substance you can sniff to get high. e.g. wite-out, markers, glue, etc.
Dude, I got the best Household High last night!!! First I sniffed Wite-Out, then some Elmer's Glue, then to top it off I put on some trippin music and pulled out the Sharpies!
by household_druggie November 30, 2009
When someone is so desperate for a high they will try anything in their house.
Man i had the worst household high last night. i tried to smoke a tampon...
by 232323Anonymous232323 May 29, 2009
When one engages in using random substances in home or easily shop lifted items to get insanely blitzed when short on cash
After eating a box of coriciden, air duster hits and smoking rollies, Jeff was insanely household high

Guy 1: "Shit I'm short on cash too, fuck it let's pair up and lift some shit from wegmans for a household high"
Guy 2: "I'm with it man, I love seeing colors and blocks for 5 seconds, damn my chest hurts"
by bguy May 04, 2013

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