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to be qway ripped and drunk at the same time. this usually occurs at parties and other social situations where you get completely thrashed then decide to toke down which takes you from being thrashed to housed.
fuckin a man, I got super housed last night and I totally ate shit down my stairs.
by Elwood Lane November 21, 2007
When a Quarterback throws an interception that is returned for a touchdown (taken to the house).
Grossman threw two picks, one of them got housed!
by MJ Anderson February 04, 2007
When you are out golfing and you whack the shit out of the ball but it doesn't go straight and instead it hits a house. Thwack!!!
He missed the fairway by a mile. Yeah man, he housed it. Oh shit.
by A golfer November 01, 2005
adjective: Whack, Tired or totally fucked see: LUBRANO or Anthony Greco
That shits mad housed.
by Jon. October 01, 2003