An action that results when someone is beyond getting owned. Most commonly occurs in online games and real-life in sports. Only surpassed by "Trailer-Parked".
In Halo 3:
"Housed!" - Eli
"It's not my fault the score is 20-1!" - Mike

*insert sport here you scored point in, eventually resulting in a shutout or near shutout*
by Smerecki March 06, 2008
Very intoxicated because you drank a shitload of that 211.
*Normally Sang* H.O.U.S.E.D housed housed housed, housed is me!
by Chris Smallz December 21, 2005
When you are made to look like a complete fool by someone of superior intelligence simply through the use of their words, most of which you don't understand.
I can't believe how that nerd just Housed you! Do you even know what a troglodyte is?
by isthisnametaken? April 09, 2008
the term "housed" can be used as a verb to describe a person that is high off of prescription pills. This term comes from the show House, where doctor Greg House consistantly takes his pain medication.
Bill- I'm housed
by JROGE March 01, 2011
the action of defecating on an inanimate object
i so housed that guy's car!!

OMG!!! Someone housed in my bowl of fruit loops!!
by i ate out hilary clinton July 25, 2009
1. drunk off of ones ass, drunk as shit
2. smacked off of ones ass, smacked as shit
dude, ive had 13 shots, 6 bowls, 3 beers, 6 coronas, and a an appletini, im fucking HOUSED
by TCONvict February 07, 2006
sustained bodily injury punked yoked
Hey M.L., Did you see that fight last night? That bitch got housed.
by BMONEYLUV January 20, 2005

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