Originating in the United States, housed is generally used to describe the velocity at which one consumes food. It conjures an image of something needing to be housed quickly, like refugees or a family new to an area. The word was created out of neccessity, being the only word/mental image fast enough to describe how fast an American can eat.
"...my friend invited me to go smoke a blunt, so I housed the three pancakes I had and went over immediately."
by Robin Nogs April 08, 2015
To become so impaired that the next morning you wake up in a random house.
Dude! I got housed at Jeff's party last week! I ended up waking up at Lindsay's place.
by Tell me why do you care? February 25, 2015
To get ruffed up, attacked, taken.
Dude, Jared got housed last night by those thugs.

I'll house you.

Don't get housed

Sh'e getting housed upstairs
by Stephanie Kundrotas October 20, 2005
Getting beat down, wrecked, or straight knocked the fuck out.
Yo, did you see that ass whoopin on the corner today? Dude got housed!
by Kustom Kai July 03, 2012
Adjective. To be drunk.
She was housed last night after only two shots!
Let's get housed at the club tonight.
by Paige Christiansen October 02, 2007
Drunk off one's ass.
I went over to Ale House last night and got royally housed.
by MikePBG November 08, 2003
v. To fuck in the ass
She didn't even bother getting on her back. She new she was getting Housed that night.
by ahouse May 28, 2005
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