Kentucky Gentleman.
Josh: Man, what is the matter with you?

Jon: I am a resident of the house of pain and they won't let me leave.
by PhineasGage January 24, 2010
Top Definition
Awesome hip hop band. Old school, sings Jump around, An all time favorite whote boy rap song.
House of Pain in the heezy baaaby
by john February 20, 2004
In my opinion house of pain is a very good rap band.
Person 1: Lets go listen to some good music
Peson 2: OK I'll put on the house of pain CD
by McAnarchy July 06, 2004
"The House of PAIN!" a famous quote on the soundboard of Jim Cramer's "MAD MONEY" TV show on MSNBC; A house that causes pain, such as a poltergeist.
"The House of PAIN!" screamed Jim's soundboard. Which is usually pushed when a Stock goes to an all time low.
by Bobbius August 09, 2006
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