Someone who is classed as the bitch of the house.
Moans alot, has ZMA rage, fights owen's and the like.
Alex Walsh is deffinatly the 'house bitch'
by Alex Walsh May 27, 2009
Top Definition
The person who is stuck doing all the housework.
I'd really like to go out with you guys, but I'm the house bitch today and can't leave til it's all done.
by Dennifer October 14, 2008
a man who gets with a female and has no balls or job so he chooses to remain home and do all the chores.
is amy the only one that pulls her weight around the house? no jack does his fair share he's just a house bitch
by konchus October 23, 2011
Pussywhipped. Must stay on the porch at all times. A stay at home mom(male). Gets his whites their whitest and breastfeeds like no one's business.
Wears a shirt that says "born to clean".
Joe is such a housebitch. He lost his job and now he stays home and plays Mr. Mom. Joe needs to just wear a dress, he was born with a mop in one hand and an oven mitt on the other.
by Glenn November 08, 2004
Despite possessing testicles (allegedly), the Housebitch takes on the traditional role of the submissive housewife. Any and all decisions must first be approved by the wife and her say is dutifully accepted. The only alcohol allowed in the house is white wine. Cursing is forbidden. Male friendships are strictly frowned upon. The Housebitch goes to great lengths to disguise his true identity including coming up with off-the-wall excuses in order to explain to his male friends why he will not be attending events to which he previously guaranteed his presence. It gives the Housebitch's wife great joy to cancel plans the Housebitch made with his buddies.
As the Housebitch, Ian knows better than to even bring up the topic of a boys’ weekend trip. Instead, he has a catalog of excuses from which to pull from as soon as friends suggest any kind of getaway. This makes Ally happy, which in turn, makes Ian happy. With another weekend apart averted, Ian and Ally toast their wine glasses before cuddling up on the couch to watch this weeks episode of The Bachelor follow up with American Idol.
by Rebell May 01, 2008
One living off of gf and repays her by doing housework.
Me: Where you staying at now Randy?
Randy: At my gf's house dude, pretty cool
Me: Sweet

(murmurs to the rest of he guys)

House bitch.
by ilikemandy July 03, 2014
(noun) : One that is known by everyone in the house or current location as a bitch or bitch made
chris assia is a house bitch and everyone knows it.
by awshit January 25, 2011

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