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Scot's word that is used to describe something extremely disgusting, putrid, rancid, etc. and especially in relation to something bad smelling.
Comes after "boggin" in the descriptive scale of good to bad. Something boggin would insight disapproval and disgust, where as something houfin would likely encourage an unwanted physical response, ie. give you the boak!
aw whit..... Kev's pure getting aff wi yer Gran and he just pulled half her falsers oot his mouth..... that is houfin likes!!

me: heeeuuuw..... heeeuuuw..... heeeuuuwewew....
pal: whats up wi your puss?
me: just stood on that rat man it's totally houfin, burst open wi these maggots an shit aw wrigglin aboot, pure gien me the dry boke like!!
by ram5ay April 09, 2011