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cross of houdini-danza slap-and chili dog.
Step 1. Do a chick from behind.
Step 2. Spit on her back and wait for her to turn around and then proceed to cum on her face.
Step 3. After cumming on her face, ask the female, "WHO'S THE BOSS!".
Step 4. Knock the Bitch out.
Step 5. Shit on her tittas while she is knocked out.
Step 6. Tittie fuck her while she is knocked out and your steamy shit is on her tits.
Step 7. Get the Fuck OUT!!!!
Thank you for choosing the HouDanza Dog!!
So i was doing this chick doggy style, so i decided to give her the ol' HouDanza Dog.
by Boys of 909 August 29, 2005