A girl (or boy) that is usually only wanted for there Physical well being
Damn baby...u lookin type hott
Yo homie check out that hott girl over dere I wanna fuc
by Slim December 13, 2003

new; recent; fresh. (The Budget Macquarie Dictionary, 1999 Reprint)
Describes anything that is in demand and is popular. You say the word from the back of your throat while breathing out through your nose.
1. Linux become HOTT in Hong Kong.
2. 104.7 Hott FM.
by Cabji September 28, 2003
to mean cool, gnarley or wicked. (i.e.-Paris Hilton)
Girl 1: " i just got a new coach bag yesterday!"
Girl 2: "thats hott"
by north babylon is so ghetto. December 07, 2005
This word stems from the roman word hottmanteus mean woah he's sexy! But today most teens use it instead when that can't think of something better to say...
Example: Paris Hilton "Thats hot!"
by claire March 04, 2005
To be attractive and pleasing to the eyes and a guys wachang
That girl is so fvcking hott !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Claudia
by Ho-del Fella May 08, 2004
a hott Guy(s)..sexy..licious..bangin
kEviN WatKinS:-D;-)..or ChArLie R.:-D
by AnGelA! September 29, 2004
1) socal word, meaning, roughly, hot. Usually used by people who think they are cool but are actually idiots, or by people making fun of the aforementioned.

2) a hot socal girl. Not that in this case it would be pronounced hot-ty.
lolz this chick Im fucking is so hott
by Nic March 19, 2003

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