to accentuate the alluring, captivating, seductive nature of a person, thing, or an event.
used chiefly to describe pulchritude.

Note: the extra 't' is not pronounced, as in Hot-ty.
Uttie is sooo fucking Hott.
Hey dude, your mom is mega fucking hott.
"That Hansel's so hott right now!"
The mathematical intricacy and eloquence of the Julia set is simply fucking hott.
Synnamom thought that concert was mega hott.
by ænygma March 22, 2004
Top Definition
Sexually attractive, see hot.
Damn! He's hott!
by m December 07, 2003
Put simply, any halfwit's way of saying things like:


Or any variant of these words.

It is used predominately by Paris Hilton clones, ignorant girls who obsess over people like Bam Margera, mall goths, and those worthless Scene kids.
Idiot 1: were goin 2 tha mall it so hott

Idiot 2: hott! letz go


Idiot 1: omg hes lyke so hott

Idiot 2: i luv his Hot Topic clothz and hott emo hair

Idiot 1: look at thiz hott $50000000000 ring i just byed

Idiot 2: hott
by Guttersnipe July 17, 2005
"Extremely sexy". A misspelling by illiterate people.
"hes soooo hott! <G>" the fangirl squealed.
by Property of Hawkeye July 12, 2005
more than "hot"
man that girl is so friggin hott. she's so hott, she's hotter than hot!
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
Physically attractive -or- a situation which induces arousal. As opposed to 'hot': possessing a large amount of heat.
Guy1: How's the weather over at your place?
Guy2: It's hot; like 95 degrees and humid.
Guy2: Also, the girls' track team just went running by... all sweaty.
Guy 1: Now that's hott... fap, fap, fap!
#hot #heated #sexy #attractive #fugly
by jtuck58 December 17, 2008
What most gay guys are...
It makes lots of girls angry that gay guys are so f***ing HOTT.
#gay #hot #guys #hott #girls
by Girl w/ <3 HOTT Guys... January 30, 2007
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