What most gay guys are...
It makes lots of girls angry that gay guys are so f***ing HOTT.
by Girl w/ <3 HOTT Guys... January 30, 2007
Your Mother, your sister
Hi Mrs. Lovely
by Nancy Nicole February 01, 2006
1.) Synonym to hot, lusty or sexy. (The other "t" is an emphasis to the word.)
2.) Used as a banal compliment with teenagers who lack substance.

1.) Persons who contrast out pictures of their face with Photoshop.
OMG ur user pix r hott! xoxo *KrYStLe*
by chris g October 26, 2003
like when people say someones hot, like sexy or something, u cant say hot cuz then it could be like temperature, not hott like sexy, catch my drft here?
omg that guy is soo hott! hes soo sexy and hott!
by lizzy June 03, 2004
The true meaning of hott can never truly be found, as it lies within one's heart. Originally used by Alacrity aka Frost aka Con of the NoHunters community, it came out of the ghettos of So-Cal to acheive the fame it has today. Commonly used to describe a female who looks attractive, or to give praise to something.
Dayumn gurl, you's hott as fuck (-:

Aw shit this new Warcraftt patch is hott!!!
by Joe March 19, 2003
Used to describe a person, but only if the person was an exact clone of Billie Joe Armstrong, Bam Margera or Johnny Knoxville. See "sexy".
"Hey dude did you see that chick? She's freakin' hott." "That's my Grandma."
Someone that is so hot the they require two (count them TWO) T's
He's so hott that he pisses tobacco sauce!
by EvisBeavis February 27, 2006
Someonewho is just hott, eg.... ORLANDO BLOOM. yeah baby. as somepeople might say, bootilicious
orlando bloom. usage, THATS HOTT

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