Sasuke Uchiha
Naruto wants some hot sauce.
by someonewhodiscoveredthesecret January 01, 2012
The jizz of a mexican
Lil John- Ah skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet

mexican- Nah holmes! Hot sauce hot sauce hot sauce!
by Ci Renuk October 15, 2008
when one over-hears another person speaking badly behind someone elses back or to a 3rd party....that person screams hot sauce to alert the rest of the croud (can be repeated numerous times)
paul overhears betty talking about madeline being fat in the school library.

paul imediatly jumps up and screams hot sauce to alert the crowd.
by frankenstern July 08, 2009
to make an otherwise ordinary act extraordinary or to behave in an outrageous, yet awesome, way. also - to "put the hot sauce on."
1. When she slapped that bitch for hittin' on her man and kept on dancin' , she totally put the hot sauce on.
2. I looked shitty in that skirt but you really put the hot sauce on it.
by Lisa Frank December 03, 2006
Hotsauce is code for something droping a deuce or something telling you that's what they plan to go do.
Alright well hotsauce to you, I'm out!

Is he hotsaucin' again? Yeah man.

Oh man I just walked into a wall of hotsauce.
by Lars McTom December 12, 2010
Meaning "Oh Snap". said in a funny manner. mostly a high pitched voiced
Friend: "dude i asked out this chick and she rejected me."

You: "Hot Sauce!"
by AndrewRyans October 22, 2010
Hot sauce is a very common term in the table game craps.
Players use this term when a shooter gets hot, normally after hitting 3 or more points.
Come on shooter, keep it coming with that hot sauce!

That guy on the end has got the hot sauce tonight, lets go shooooooota!
by j pags March 24, 2009

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