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this is a word used to express coolness or hotness.
yo son did u see the new olympic 7's? them shits is mad hot sauce!
by dog August 09, 2004
50 47
The death of swag.

A person,place or thing that is unique and and stands out without a doubt and leaves a positive lasting impression on you for life.
guy 1: Dude you see that car?

Guy 2:Yeah,hotsauce!

Guy 1:man check these new jordans i am swagged out!

Guy2:Huh? Hotsauce you lame fuck.
Guy1:holy i just got back from cancun,crazy time.Hotsauce.
Guy1-You ready for the club?

Guy2:Yeah bro hotsauce drippin all off me,these hoes aint stand a chance.
by MC The Great February 19, 2012
7 5
slang term for the clear milky substance aquired by constant stimulation of a hispanic mans member
Hey Sofia how bout some hot sauce with that burrito?
by LasPlagas October 21, 2009
20 18
what comes out when a mexican ejaculates
man that beaner was full of hot sauce!
by james harper January 02, 2008
29 27
1) Something that is amazingly good

2) Another way to say "hott" but cooler without have the resembelance to Paris Hilton once so ever

3) Good looking or generally great
1) That boy is pretty hotsauce.

2) That song is pure hotsauce.
by iknowninja November 28, 2005
16 14
something that people who are truly hxc (HARDCORE) put on their food by the gallon. If the item that you are eating does not contain this 'hot sauce' then there is a strong possibility that a derogatory remark may be made towards you.
HXC dude: YO G! WE GOT SOME HOT SAUCE UP IN HURR! DAYUM! *proceeds to dump half the bottle on his waffles, eggs, and sausage.* YOU WANT SUMMA THIS, G?

Dude who is not HXC: no I rather enjoy my pancakes with maple syrup...and butter rather than hot sauce.

HXC dude: Pssh! YOU JUST A BABY! *eats entire meal without taking a drink. Later has terrible heartburn.*
by MINISLASH July 14, 2009
11 12
A sexual act where the one person shits into their partners mouth through a tube, and the partner with the shit in their mouth chews up the shit while trying not to throw up, making it look like they are eating something spicy.
We tried to do a Hot Sauce but she threw up when chewing, but thankfully I got my money back.
by tregoat February 04, 2009
54 55