The death of swag.

A person,place or thing that is unique and and stands out without a doubt and leaves a positive lasting impression on you for life.
guy 1: Dude you see that car?

Guy 2:Yeah,hotsauce!

Guy 1:man check these new jordans i am swagged out!

Guy2:Huh? Hotsauce you lame fuck.
Guy1:holy i just got back from cancun,crazy time.Hotsauce.
Guy1-You ready for the club?

Guy2:Yeah bro hotsauce drippin all off me,these hoes aint stand a chance.
by MC The Great February 19, 2012
Top Definition
Fresh semen infected with HIV/AIDS
The Methgays in San Fran like their hotsauce
by Mikdddeee3322 November 12, 2010
Best. Condiment. Ever.
I use my hot sauces on my BBQ pork, pasta, Italian food (including pizza), burgers, steak, Mexican food, Oriental food, omeletes, and other tasty kinds of food.
by frodaddy November 13, 2005
A food item that is applied to foods to make them hotter. Use commenly with chicken.
Yo, give me that hot sauce to put on my chicken mah.
by Peanutman March 09, 2005
Hotsauce is an adjective used to describe a really rad situation or noun. It is a synonym for cool, rad, gnarly, off the hook. It can also be used as an exclamation.
This party is so hotsauce!
Do you see what emily is wearing? She's so hotsauce!
As opposed to Michael, who's so NOTsauce
by totallyrad42 May 24, 2014
1. a balla wit sick dribbling skills
"Dude, Hotsauce is smoking everybody's ass in the court"

"That's some ill Hotsauce shit!"
by j-gizzy January 01, 2005
slang term for the clear milky substance aquired by constant stimulation of a hispanic mans member
Hey Sofia how bout some hot sauce with that burrito?
by LasPlagas October 21, 2009
what comes out when a mexican ejaculates
man that beaner was full of hot sauce!
by james harper January 02, 2008

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