Slang for a photo of a 'ho', or a loose woman.
'Kelly showed me her ho-to on her profile page'
by rainkid September 02, 2009
Top Definition
Abbreviaton for "Heart of the Oak", a runeword available for creation in a mace class weapon in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It requires the runes (in this order) Ko Vex Pul Thul, and is generally preferred for caster type characters, due to it's bonuses to Skills (3 to all), 40% FCR (Faster Cast Rate), and 30-40 to all resistances. Most often it is seen in a one handed flail, due to the low Strength requirements. Hotos with higher bonuses to resistances will be seen as more valuable than those with lower resistance bonuses.
player 1: how is his cast rate so high?
player 2: he's using a hoto probably

player 1: I need a hoto for my sorc, her resistances are crap
by PhillyG June 04, 2007
A photo consisting of only hoes
usually a Hoto is used as a profile picture with the caption:
"god I look horrible. only temperary!".
by Grofflover January 16, 2011
Photos that girls take of themselves, posing in an attempt to make themselves look hot (like a hoe) or because they are simply a hoe.
Jamie: "Have you seen those pics on facebook that Ally put up?"

Brittany: "Oh my gosh I know, total hotos."
by Shelby Shelby. September 04, 2010
Hang Over Time Off. Similar to paid time off or P.T.O. H.O.T.O. can be used so that you can show up to work a few hours later than usual, or skip the day all together. Usually the result of a long night of drinking.
Damn I was out late last night I need me some H.O.T.O.

I drank too much gonna have to call the boss for some H.O.T.O.

by Arthurdamnit May 18, 2007
Money intended for fun or pleasurable activities whereby said activities are of dubious legal, ethical or moral make-up.

Hoto is an abbreviated portmanteau of 'Ho Tokens' i.e. Cashmoney for ladies of the night.

(NB: Plural version is 'hotos'.)
Olly: Where has Jeremy gone for holiday?

Kit: I don't know, but he left the house with a pocket fulla hotos and a ticket to Amsterdam.
by OllyF February 02, 2008
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