A song about a whorehouse in California.
"Warm smell of coitus, rising up through the air."
by Assweepay July 16, 2005
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1.Such a lovely place.
2. Such a lovely face.
Living it up at the Hotel California......
by Jesus Himself April 23, 2005
1)The most kick-ass song on Earth!
2)An imagionary place made up by The Eagles. It sounds so freakin awsome!
2)I want to go to the hotel california!
by Barqs October 09, 2004
Song created by the eagles about their drug rehabiltation
Hotel california was a great song
by tommy April 19, 2005
A point in time in a man or woman's life wear the man/woman sees the reality of his/her world and rather than maintaining a life that is one of consumerism (9-5, pressures with being famous: whatever really troubles them about society) they just check into Hotel California, a vacation/getaway of drugs to alleviate the pressures and bs today's society throws at you that fucks with your brain because you can see past everything but can't understand why people are the way they are.
Bill O'Reilly's/ FOX News contaminates my brethren's brains and they will be unable to easily look past differences, guess I gotta check into Hotel California again.
by Analomous December 20, 2013
A historic residence in LA torn down in 94'. Not a Hotel proper. It's a song by the Eagles with encrypted and well crafted messages using metaphor and play on words etc to convey a 1969 tragic event in such a way that only certain enlightened listeners can understand.
The Hotel on us in exchange for snitch money and this occurred in California. Eagles did not want to use La La Land to pin down the location and risk linking the incident to other artists who referenced the same historic event referred to as the Hotel California.
by Cody333 January 02, 2015
California state prison facility, usually a level 3 or 4 yard (medium to high security) or else the SHU. References the Eagles' classic song, particularly the line "you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave."
CO: "Welcome to Hotel California bitches!"
by tommythegun December 31, 2006
None of the definitions on here are correct about hotel california. Well some are SORT OF correct, but the real story behind hotel california is, before 1969 the one hotel california that they were talking about was a satanist church. If you have ever seen the actual cover of the original album you can see the "leader" of the satanist church anton levey.
Hotel California, One of the popular songs by The Eagles, was about a sort of things. 1. It had references to drugs 2. It had references to sex

and finally

3. The song was about a satanist church that was turned into a hotel in 1969.
by TheSweetChild December 11, 2006

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