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A union for the sole purpose of being able to have sex that isn't outside of a marriage. The couple is usually young and have been engaged for a very short period of time. The girl is usually a 'virgin'. At least one set of parets disapproves. There is usually a credible friend (usually a crazy aunt) that will vouch for the sincerity of the relationship and proclaim that they really are going to "make it"
Robert and Nichole met in college 2 semesters ago. Nichole is a "virgin" and saving herself for marriage. Nichole and Robert decide to elope to the courthouse so that they can consumate the hotel marriage right away. Nichole's parents are devastated. Robert's aunt, Christina, is convinced that they are "made for each other" and are going to be married 50 years. Unless Nichole gets pregnant first.
by Robert Joe James February 19, 2009
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