When someone is so warm, its like a hot shower
Desiree is so warm, She is like a hot shower
by The SUHI DEVIL March 20, 2012
Top Definition
A regular shower, but with me in it.
Shower: "I'm just a regular shower."
*Altrows walks into the shower.*
Shower: "Man, I'm a Hot shower."
by DTROWS December 07, 2013
The act of pleasuring ones self in the shower
Person 1: Sorry I took so long, i took a hot shower
Person 2: TMI
by Snoipeh January 24, 2016
The act of urinating on your significant other whilst they are sleeping
This morning as my girlfriend was asleep I ran her a hot shower whilst she was sleeping so when she woke up she would have a nice surprise
by Rob'n'Joe April 11, 2014
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