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When you smoke so much in a house that the first and second story become very hard to see through
Damn you hot housed the shit out of this place, i can't see!
by Santi& ben February 02, 2009
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just a normal house where normal people live in
except the normal people sells really expensive things
for a low price and half of the time their fake stuff
its kinda like a black market
me; yo do you know any hot house
vince; ya
me; dudde hook me up mang
vice; aights i need a new lv wallet anyways
by --lynn-- June 14, 2007
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"You better not commit that adultery, that could land you in the hot house."

"I know I've sinned. I'm heading to the hot house when I die."
by Pdg887 June 25, 2013
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