when a hot chick has sex with a heavy (fat) dude, or vice versa
Xavier- did you hear jessica alba had sex with john candy?
Thadius-thats the sickest hot and heavy since the old kirstie allie got pounded by johnny depp
by Soupyman October 03, 2005
Top Definition
When two people are engaged in an intense make-out session, but not actually having sex.
Where are Jerome and Edwina?

Getting hot and heavy under the bleachers.
by McNastty October 24, 2010
Music style that includes bands like Meatloaf, Bruce Springsteen, Jim Steinman, REO Speed Wagon, and ZZ Top. People Who listen to this music usually drive vans with airbrushed women wielding swords while riding mythic animals.
That guy in the stone washed jeans is probably into some hot and heavy shit.
by DcKaZoo July 29, 2011
When an aircraft is above a certain weight and going faster then usual it is said to be "hot and heavy"
"This is Empress 269 turning short final. coming in hot and heavy"
by Skunk Stripe October 03, 2009

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