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The essence of a Tall, Dark and Handsome, 6'3 man. Discovered when he was 18 his actions were reflective of his nature. He drives like a wild stallion with intense precision. People often refer his look to the Diablo. Women can't resist him and always look forward to just getting a glimpse at his superiority.
Owowow Hotshit! Look he's so Hot. Ohhh I want him so bad! OOOHHH DREAMY!
by Hotshit ow ow July 10, 2008
something that is hot, banging, off the chain, cool, etc.
Yo those jeans are hotshit!
This store has some hotshit.
Or when someone shows you something you like, say "HOTSHIT!" <-- used by philadelphians.
by BaBiEdoll November 26, 2003
Better than all the rest.
1. The netting definition is hot shit.
by tyson January 28, 2003
Someone who thinks they are the best
You think your hot shit on a siver platter, but youre really just cold piss on a paper plate
by PurpleCowMan April 06, 2002
Refered to anything that is so fresh,cool,hot-it would even make shit melt!!!-hot shit is refered to situations,objects.Can refered by hot ass people to other people as well-it is always a possitive referal

-it is the key word of the famous rapper Busta Rhymes
"wow Mickey,had u tried Oskars weed-this is HOT SHIIIIT!!"

"Hot shit,hot shit,hot shit-c'mon!!!!!"- Busta Rhymes
by Benny D1 February 14, 2007
At the top of the game, walk and talk like your the fucking Peso Grande. (Even and most likey if you aren't)
"That little freshmen was walking around like he was the 'hot shit.' I really want to beat his ass!"
by Riley Tuck May 08, 2006
IN BRIEF: bullets, especially if their hollow points or shotgun shells.
NOTE: Hot Shit derives on the fact that the feeling of a bullet when shot in someone, once discharged, is hot and can do damage.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant February 22, 2008
someone who thinks they're so cool and all that but they're really a piece of sh*t!
Person A:Look at that girl! Everyone's around her. . .

Person B: She thinks she's awesome, but she's really hot-shit.
by picklefairy November 26, 2011