Prison term: two pieces of white bread with mayonnaise smothered in between. The mayo sandwhich is then placed in the microwave to heat it up so it resembles a woman's vagina. It is then fucked.
When I got done with my hot pocket I gave it to mikey. He likes it! Hey Mikey!
by berserker256 May 18, 2003
n. the act of one masturbating with his or her hand in his or her's pocket where the pocket acts as a glove
The guy sitting in front of me was giving himself an intesne hot pocket in math today!
by SASQUATCH April 09, 2012
Aa microwaveable meal of cheese and meat wrapped up in a flaky crust that was first introduced in 1983. Hot pockets became famous for their "crisping sleve" which allowed the pocket crust to become crispy in the microwave, and for their repetitive advertising jingle consisting of just the words "Hot Pocket".

Interest in Hot Pockets had a revival of sorts with a comedy routine where Jim Gaffigan talks about his love-hate relationship with this less-than-healthy food product.
What was the idea behind Hot Pockets? Was there a marketing meeting somewhere, "Hey I got an idea: How about we take a Pop-Tart and fill it with really nasty meat? You could cook it in a sleeve thing, dunk it in a toilet."
by Sybarite June 22, 2006
The act of sneaking up and sliding your cock into a co-worker's or buddy's pocket and blowing your load.
Tom: "I went 2 months without ejaculating so that my dick would be sensitive enough to cum just from sliding it into Steve's pocket. I think I traumatized him into shock!"

Bob: "Sweet. Gave that honky the old Hot Pocket!"
by mrcheesenowait January 15, 2012
A gooey doughy pocket filled with nasty meat cooked in a dirty microwave. Mr. Gaffigan would say one who enjoys one of these delicacies is "either drunk or headin' home to a trailer."
"Are your hotpockets cold in the middle? Yes, they're frozen!"
by Bobby Robert August 05, 2006
A women's vagina.
I let this dude invade my hot pocket with his rrocket
by naughty nikki December 29, 2013
1. A large, filled pastry.
2. A fat, orange haired kid that plays video games all day or World Of Warcraft.
Danm! Look at that fat Hot Pocket play COD4!
by Joe Malone April 24, 2008
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