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When a girl is going down on a guy and his balls start kickin right before he's about to cum, you shove his balls in his anus and yell "HOT POCKET!"
Im gonna shove my brass in your ass and make a Hot POcket!!!!!!!
by CoCo fo Sho August 20, 2009
a pocket on your being that has drugs or something illegal in it

a slang term so that you could warn someone that your in possession of something that your not suppose to have
hey nigga wanna skip class?

nah, i dont wana risk gettin caught cuz i got hot pockets
by jc50 August 20, 2008
a derogatory term used in the punk, industrial, and goth communities to describe the people who look totally normal for the majority of their lives, but then one day decide to purchase a complete wardrobe at hot topic and infiltrate a scene. oftentimes these people have no sense of the history of their subculture and assume that everything they don't know about must be mainstream. they are often very nice people who are simply brainwashed by the consumerist culture into thinking that clothes are all there is to the counterculture.
hot pockets are easily identified by their overpriced tripp pants, numetal t-shirts or shirts with sophmoric 'witty' sayings, torn chucks, store-bought studded arm socks, scrawled-on eyeliner, and badly-dyed black hair, often greasy and/or streaked with dark red or auburn.

see also mallcore
look at all the hot pockets lined up for the bleeding through show!

it's too bad that that hot pocket has no idea that the subculture he claims to belong to is founded on principles of DIY, not blind consumerism.
by kitschbunni September 20, 2007
When you stuff your balls into someone's rectum or vagina.
"I totally hot pocketed Sarah last night, it was awesome!"
by Msmith December 09, 2006
when a girl opens her viginia and the guy takes a shit in the pocket making a hot pocket
looks like you got hot pocketed

Jerry is hot pocketing his girl
by Ryan Noblaze May 05, 2006
A Hot Pocket is when u put a condom on your dick, then you stick it into a vagina or butt hole and piss in it while your dick is still inside her.
dude i totally Hot Pocketed ur mom in the butt hole right now!!!
by the pocketeir June 07, 2010
The act of cupping one's hand around the asshole, with or without pants on. Then farting into the cupped hand, leaving it for a second to gather the gases and finally throwing it into a victim's face.
Boy #1: Dude, I heard you got hot pocketed, are you alright?

Boy #2: Yeah, he got me good, I still can't get the taste out of my mouth.
by Tea Oh Em June 17, 2009