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When you put Tabasco sauce on your tongue, then proceed to lick another person's asshole.
So I was tossing my girlfriend's salad last night, and I snuck some Tabasco on my tongue and gave her a Hot chocolate for dessert!
by FairyBoyCrew March 10, 2010
An act in which a person cups their hand and farts into it and brings the nice warm cup of hot chocolate to the face of an unsuspecting victim, forcing them to inhale.

Can also be used to mean the actual cupped hand containing noxious gas.

The act is extremely hard to perform to a person who has had a taste of hot chocolate before.

The act may also give satisfaction to the performer when succeeding.

It has been reported un pleasant to recieve a cup of hot chocolate.
Mark is sitting at the dining room table enjoying a pizza when Dave calls out from the kitchen, asking if he wants a nice cup of warm hot chocolate.

Dave: Hey Mark! You want a cup of hot chocolate for dessert?
Mark: Sure why not!

Dave cups his hand and makes a silent fart, creeps up behind Mark and brings the cupped hand to his mouth. Forcing mark to Inhale through his nose.

After a few milli seconds of confusion.

Mark: Dave you prick!
by Dumpfrey August 12, 2010
hot chocolate boys/ hot black guys
" Kyle and I are going to the ghetto to get some hot chocolate. "
by aniisha January 03, 2008
After you have anal you cum into a coffee mug and stir it around with your shit covered penis.
Dude, try my hot chocolate
by NiggerMcNiggercuntballs April 27, 2011
10 men cum in a girls ass. Then when the girl shits you put it in a cup. After you take a hot chocolate packet per person, and mix it together. Then it is ready to drink. Your homemade hot chocolate.
I made a hot chocolate
by jackstay89 June 17, 2011
A form of anal sex, hot cum mixed with poop, therefor hot chocolate.
"there is lots of hot chocolate on my cock"
by DrumtastickMackay August 29, 2008
when you sweat profusely from the butthole and have a little left over doo-doo from the last time you dropped your kids at the pool
"mAn after having nasty butt sex trick ass bitches get hot chocolate.
by Lemony Petaphile June 02, 2008