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A large 14” pepperoni or just cheese pizza from Little Ceasars Pizza, hot out of the oven and ready when you are! A Hot-N-Ready pizza usually costs only five dollars plus tax.
I'm sooo hungry but i spent almost all of my money on that bud we just smoked.
Dude let's get a hot-n-ready!
by Natalya Audigier March 03, 2009

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A slang name for a loose girl, who dances in a club, more than likely beyond drunk.

Dresses with little to no clothing, usually with a thong or G-String showing. Grinding on every guy who will buy her a drink. Ready to take home and wear out.
"Whatcha wanna do tonight?"
"Man, I'm going to Emerald, get me a Hot 'N' Ready!"
by Detroits_Finest November 11, 2009
5 dollar little ceasers pizza that is suppose to be already made.
warning: eating an entire one by ones self will result in a dirty sanch-hole the next day.
dude i ate that whole hot-n-ready now i got the hersey squirts like there no tomorrow.
by poopoo mcgoo69 March 31, 2009
Aroused and ready to engage in sexual activity.
Yo mamas like a little Cesar pizza HOT n' Ready 4 five bucks!
by bougie bourgeois January 16, 2012