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A "Hot Wad Williams" is when you're having missionary sex with a girl in a bed WITH A HEADBOARD, and just as you are about to come you pull out and grab the headboard with both hands as if you were dunking a basketball and pull yourself up with your knees up as close to "the rim" as you can and hold the position for as long as would be necessary to draw a technical foul in the NBA. You also must come all over her face while holding your dunking position, hence the Hot Wad. This must be done in the style of a true two-handed NBA power dunk that embarrasses the defender. It is so named after Cleveland Cavaliers great Hot Rod Williams, and perhaps also for 2009-10 Cavs rookie JuWad Williams
"I was so pumped after the Cavs game that I couldn't stop thinking about it even while making sweet love to my girl. Just as I nutted I had to poster-ize her with a Hot Wad Williams. She was shocked, but who wouldn't be after getting dunked on like that?"
by Reggie Domino January 14, 2010

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