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A closet homosexual who wants to take out his agression on female poop chutes, while still proclaiming his heterosexuality
Confused girl: My boyfriend keeps talking about having rough anal sex with me, but I think he's actually kind of into his roommate, Ed.

Friend: He's such a Hot Tony
by Trixie Buttercup January 03, 2008

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A pudgy, self-absorbed male who is overly obsessed with the anus and believes he is a genius.
Hot Tony: Dude, I can't believe she stood me up! I told her how high my IQ was and everything!

Friend: What are you gonna do now?

Hot Tony: I guess I'll text her incessantly and offer to play with her butthole...as soon as I finish eating this hoagie.
by Felicia Morgan January 03, 2008