A game played by 3 or more members. One person, boy or girl, is named the star of the show and kneels down, opens their mouth wide, tips their head back and places a spoon in their mouth. Once the star of the show is in place, the rest of the players, all being men, move in a line past the star of the show and jerk of in his/her mouth. Once all men have gone they each in turn take a spoonful of the soup! In order to play Hot Soup you must graduate from ookie cookie.
Hey guys lets play hot soup it will be tasty!
by The_MeatOne April 14, 2007
Top Definition
An attractive Asian female.
I'd love to slurp up that hot soup I saw at the club last night.
by gsolds February 23, 2012
When your trying to get by people like a crowd you say this along with, excuse me, pardon me.
excuse me, im tryin to get through here, hot soup..hot soup
by Aindrew January 22, 2006
male ejaculant
bob shot hot soup in his wife's face
by brian March 24, 2003
A greeting that can commonplacedly replace whatsup.
*ring ring* "Hotsoup!" "not much man, whaddyou up to?"
by Fonzi Winkler April 23, 2008
Hot Soup is a variation of a Hot Lunch which, in this case, rather than delivering a solid log of crap, you deliver the liquified, diarrhea version thereof. It's heinous, it's awful, you can dazzle your friends by throwing its use out in conversation.
"Did you ever give your girlfriend a hot lunch?"

"No, but I wasn't feeling too well and gave her some hot soup to make myself feel better. Hot soup makes everyone feel better."
by GLM79 May 08, 2008
(adj) feeling superior or higher than everyone else.
After Bubba drained a 3-point jump shot, he strutted back down the court like he was hot soup.
by c-squared March 25, 2003
Is doing a girl doggie style, when you are ready to cum pull your dick out and lay it on her ass crack, shoot you load on the small of her back, you know in that little spot right above her ass that looks like bowl. You just gave her the gift of lunch; some HOT SOUP
I was pumpin this bitch from the rear after a while I was ready, so I pulled it out and shot her bowl full of HOT SOUP
by Laut June 29, 2006
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