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Experiencing a sexual climax while eating Taco Bell. Possibly the most epic experience you'll ever have,
Guy: Man, that chick that walked in to Taco Bell was so hot, I couldn't help but hot sauce jizz while eating my burrito.

Girl: My man hot sauce jizzed all over my crunch wrap at Taco Bell. BEST. DAY. EVER.
by idiosyncraticESC March 31, 2011
An emission as a result of the consumption of Taco Bell, Chipotle, or any Mexican food. This type of gratification can be categorized as "orgasmic" and is considered applicable to both sexes, despite the slang identification of it as semen.
Goob (Male) - Oh my word, this burrito is simply delicious! I've seemed to create a mess in my draws!

Booger (Female) - For the love of all that is just! You've definitely experienced a Hot Sauce Jizz! In fact, my burrito is equally scrumptious!

Goob - Have you experienced a Hot Sauce Jizz as well?

Booger - You're correct, my good sir!
by Nnamdi A. Goob March 31, 2011
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