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"Hot Pick" is a phrase coined by a genius to exemplify the act of making a decision that is downright spectacular. This phrase originated from sports betting where the executor of the hot pick made a successful bet usually against the odds. For example during the Super Bowl XLIV between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints, the heavily favored Colts gave up -6 pts. A hot pick during this particular game was picking the Saints to win outright without any spread.

"Hot Pick" or the act of "Hot Picking" is loosely used in describing picking good restaurants to eat at, seeing beautiful girls, making good decisions in life, finances, and/or friendships.
1. Good pick on those carna asada fries, that shit was a hot pick.

2. I hot picked the Lakers to beat the Celtics after a 14 point deficit after the first half.

3. John - "Hot pick!!!" after seeing beautiful girl in the G35 coupe next to him

4. What is the hot pick today?
by Hot Picker 310 September 22, 2010
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When you make a selection: betting on sports, seeing a hot girl, eat good food that is good and financially or personally rewarding.
Choose the New Orleans saints over Oakland Raiders is a hotpick!
by playboyvpb October 18, 2009
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