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The profuse salivating that occurs right before an individual, usually drunk, vomits. It is the body's natural response to the act of vomiting and is used to protect the teeth from acidic erosion.
"Man, you don't look too good."
"I have a serious case of hot mouth. Bring me to the bathroom!"
by Mary Z October 20, 2008
suckin dick
yeah she gave me some hot mouth last night
by jason June 11, 2004
when a girl performs oral sex on a male
Im gonna go get me some hotmouth.
by November 12, 2003
1. (n) a loose female whos only purpose is to give head
2. (n) a hoe.
ex. i took this hot mouth to the red lobster
ex. I'm looking for a hot mouth to take home with me tonight.
by adrock37 July 05, 2006
A person who chooses to stay out and about spreading his illnesses around by coughing and sneezing rather than stay at home and rest.
Fuck---there are so many hot mouths around, I'll have to buy an N95 mask!
by pentozali November 27, 2011
When one person approaches another, usually of the opposite sex, and aggressively makes out with them in a forcing manner.
ex: Evan go hot mouth courtney!
ex: Lutes is hout mouthing courtney!
ex: Chris just hot mouthed courtney!
by Woogity9 October 19, 2010

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