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When a white male (or female with strap-on) takes a shit in their sexual companion's mouth. With the fecies located in the mouth they give them the best "blow-j" ever. After you blow your load, The Giver of the d0m3 spits out the combination of shit and sperm onto a plate. Then the lucky bastard who got sucked off eats the combination of shit and sperm with a fork and knive and a glass of apple juice. Enjoy.
Dude I met this kinky girl on the internet and she is down for all that fetish kinky shit, she is into Hot Fudge Sundays, and even footjobs.
by Foot Job till i die March 07, 2008
when a girl pushes her boobs together(ice cream) and u take a shit on her tits(hot fudge) and then ejaculate on top of it all (whip cream)
i gave your sister a mad hot fudge sunday
by ooppaloompa January 12, 2009
When a guy finishes on a girls breasts then takes a massive diahra on them. The hot fudge sunday.
dude he hot fudge sundayed me last nighy
by patadactel November 04, 2009
A "Hot Lunch" performed at a church house.
This slut was eye balling me at church, so I had to give her a Hot Fudge Sunday.
by Porterdporter April 09, 2007
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