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The most amazing day in Alfred NY where all of your dreams of the college life come true. Many kegs of kegs within kegs, as you jump from party to party of drunk college students who just want to party their ass off along side you and they call it Hot Dog Day.
As Alfred NY is a dude fest, it is no surprise that this day is no different.
Dude I just ate a hotdog on Hot Dog Day! Awesome!
by hot dog king April 15, 2011
A day in the life of a car salesman. In which the number of days the salesmen has eaten hot dogs grilled for customers walking onto the lot. It is always followed by a number marking the length of time.
Well how far along are you?

Well Steve this is Hot Dog Day #6. I've been working 12 hours a day and the only thing to eat is these. Its free, so why not
by Mike999994 May 05, 2007
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