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This is a sexual move that is a cross breed between 2 others. This is the most diobolical sexual maneuver ever fantasized. The Hot Blumpkin is a mix between The Hot Karl and a Blumpkin. This move may only be done in a threesome. The act is performed when the male of the threesome recieves oral sex or a blowjob if you will. In the process of recieving this blowjob the male proceeds to defecate in the mouth of the third member of the threesome resulting in a completely nasty but satisfying release of semen and fecal matter in 2 different bystanders mouths
DUDE!! I had a threesome last night and while one girl was sucking me off I shit in the other bitches mouth...it was the best HOT Blumpkin I ever got
by J-Rad Wisnizzle June 24, 2009

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N., The receiving of a blowjob while on the toilet, but instead of pooping in the toilet, it lands on the chest of the partner.
Some dude told me he gave his fiancee a hot blumpkin when they got home from their engagement party last night.
by AleHouseMan May 04, 2009