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When used as a swear word, hostie may also written without the letters "h", "e" or without both letters.
It is a french biblical word (the sacramental bread) often used by canadians as a curse word. (specially in Québec) It is pronounced "us tea".
Like many other biblical words (such as "tabarnak", "calisse", "sacrament"...) hostie can be used as the following:
1. noun (to insult)
2. adjective (to enhance a lot - most common use)

Note: Other words, such as "calisse" (pronounced "Kah lyss") mentioned earlier, can also be used as verbs. ("M'a te calisser", which means "I'll give you", in a violent way)
1. Ah, mon hostie... (usually replaced by "Why you little...", but could also be replaced by any insult)
2. A) Un hostie de... (can be replaced by "really", as in "A really big cake")
by Le_Franco-ontarien September 09, 2010

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