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In online gaming, when the player who hosted the room or server has the upper hand due to him having no network lag to himself since he hosted the server.
Host advantage on COD4: In COD4, a knife only match is easy for the host to pwn in since there's no lag. Anyone else that's not perfectly connect will be lucky to even score a hit on the host.
by NarooN September 03, 2008
An overused term in Gears of War. Often used to describe someone better than one's self in an effort to undermind their skill and to save face.
(In the menu after being killed in a match)
Bad Gamer: "Thats bullshit. Fuckin host advantage bitch!!"
Good Gamer: "Shut up got owned!"
Bad Gamer: "Fuck you niglet ass bitch. if you dont stop killing me im gonna start glitchin or leave!"
Good Gamer: "Thats what she said"
by MrWizard327 April 02, 2007
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