A horsey is usually a young girl in her teens. A common name for a horsey is Madison. She usually has natural blonde hair, but has dyed it brown or black. Skinny jeans are her thing!! Her boyfriends name is Fredrick. And she is dearly loved by her family and cousins: Big Piggen and Heff.
"Oh my gosh! Hey Madi...Do you plan on staying across the street with those Horseys??" "They are your family you know!"
by Big Piggen and Heff February 06, 2010
Top Definition
When fonts or design elements are clunky, too large, or unrefined.
Wow, your text looks horsey. You should tighten up the spacing and make it smaller.
by maybe you should August 24, 2010
To look, sound or behave as a horse
"that posh bird is a horsey"
by Stu1999 September 22, 2005
Adjective; describes a woman who has very thick upper thighs, wide hips and butt.
That is one horsey woman.
by Tommy Hodges August 01, 2013
the sound she makes when she laughs
"heheeee haahaaaa *breathless* hufff laugh... hufff
by hon January 02, 2005
Adjective describing something as being classy, much like a majestic horse, commonly used within the Australian culture.
Mario: Hey where's Karen tonight ?
Stephen: I think she's out with Joe again
Sevz: She's too horsey for us anyways.
by Stevocauat18 February 16, 2015
An abnormal penis that bends upright too much when erect, like a horse's penis
Aw man, that guys got a huge horsey. It's probably his first time having sex.
by bigblackie69ADW October 02, 2010
A dance sensation, similar in spirit to the Affe, that is currently sweeping the Midwest.
Do the Horsey!
by Big Chimper July 16, 2003

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