Someone who gains the most repulsive type of pleasers through inhumane actions; such as taking his inbred cock and inserting it into the backside of the hourse or pulling down his redneck pants and let the animal wildly thrust you.
Ways you can tell if your a hourse fucker:
In a moments glance at a hourse you become sex crazed and retard strong and your behavior takes over.
If you tell a random person one of your best friend's secrets.
If Bill Maury makes you uncomfortable when he's telling you "your not the father"
Matt, you told people allot of lies, your a horse fucker
I hav wet dreams about broad stallions pounding my asshole, Imma hourse fucker.
by The great horse fucker August 07, 2009
Top Definition
A citizen of West Virginia.
Most of my family came from Tennessee, but my father's parents were horsefuckers.
by Eddie March 06, 2003
One who fucks horses
Heather was the biggest horsefucker i knew
by Bill Braskey November 26, 2002
somebody who engages in sexual intercoarse with a horse
you are a horse fucker
by jeff July 18, 2003
Adam Ertz has sex with horses in his sick perverted mind.....faggot
by BRETT HABER November 19, 2004
one who has sexual congress with horse(s); also a character in the film "Dances With Wolves." Horse Fucker was the Injun Dances visited late at night for some teepee action.
About the age of thirty Jack became a horsefucker. Jack later met Jill, who enjoyed blowing horses, so they formed a team that went from town to town performing disgusting sexual acts with nags, fillies and stallions. The two finally settled in Durango, Colorado, where they run a greasy flap jack house.
by Herb Slojewski November 30, 2005
1) A group of people who enjoy My Little Pony and go on 4Chan. Horsefuckers aren't necessarily cloppers, and usually are against bronies, for the majority being newfags.
2) A person who fucks horses
1) There's an anon on the /mlp/ thread who keeps a BlueFast toy in a jar of his own cum
2) A man was arrested a couple months ago fucking a horse. Heh heh. Horsefuckers.
by Hydron May 05, 2014
see also madonna
madonna is a horse fucker
by g-nab December 08, 2003

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