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(n.) - A mildly Autistic male who tends to be that guy. Typically hangs out with girls who are significantly younger than him; but, remains a virgin until late in life. Extremely socially awkward and makes out with girls after they've given cooler and less socially awkward males dome.
Male Friend 1: Hey man, I think our friend is a Horsefag. He has to at least have Aspergers or something.
Male Friend 2: Yeah man probably, he made the most Horsefag faces after he ruined our beach party.
Male Friend 1: I think we should get him tested.
Horsefag: I'm right here guys.
Male Friend 2: Shut the fuck up Garrett.

Unlucky Female: Hey I just blew a popular football player with a big dick. Anyone here want to makeout for a little?
Horsefag: Yeah brah, I'm game.
Unlucky Female: OK, but you're mildly autistic so keep your hands where I can see them.
by Horsefag Tamers November 25, 2010
a horse that smokes fags
can also be an ugly gay man
can be a term as to how high someone is on drugs
i m right horsefaged out my face
by johnnydancer November 09, 2008
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