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Grapping right above the knee and sqauizing really hard
Alexander gave Frederik a horsebite yesterday now he cant walk straight
by Johnny B. Goode December 11, 2007
To grab a fleshy part on another's body, particularly on the underside of the upper arm, squeeze tightly, and then pull your fingers loose without loosening one's grip. Creates a bruise identical in appearance to the one produced by the bite of a horse.
Mr. Jones sent Bill to the office for giving other kids horsebites, noting that such severe bruising could cause blood clots.
by Rod Brock July 31, 2006
A method employed to ball tag another guy. You tell your friend that you were recently bit by a horse. Since this is unbelievable your friend will undoubtedly ask to see it. When he does turn sideways and pull down your shirt coller as if to show a horse bite on your shoulder. When your friend unsuspectingly comes in for a peek you have hime right where you want him. WHAM! Whack him in the nuts with your hand that is appropriately positioned and aimed right at them.
"When Mike was pissing me off i showed him my horse bite."
by Pdizz November 04, 2007
when a adult grabs a youngsters balls with his teeth and makes horse noises
hey james come on over here and let me give you a horsebite
by jwyman March 15, 2010
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