The act of petting someones face as if you were petting a horse's nose. Usually done to annoy the shit out of people.
Last night when i was really drunk at Boar's Head (bar in Athens, GA), I horse petted the shit out of my friends Michael and Angie. Then i horse petted some rando and he looked at me like i was retarded.
by Jena Q April 10, 2011
Top Definition
A pet on the head (human or otherwise) that starts by placing one's hand on the forehead and petting downward over the nose, as if one was petting a horse, but using excessive speed, force and/or pressure. It can be used as a greeting, or as a way to troll one's friends in person.
Teenager #1: And then she said, I have canc---
Teenager #2: HORSE PET! *violently horse pets teenager #1*
Teenager #1: What the f#@$ was that?!
by April 15, 2011
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