WNBA Players. Awkwardly long faced and buck-toothed female basketball players.
Dude #1 "The horseface championship game is on tonight."
Dude #2 "Who cares!"
by peppattyisnotgay January 31, 2008
When someone clearly has too big of a nose and teeth to be considered human or any other animal
"Hey man did you see Richard on T.V. last night in Lion heart ? "
"That guy has such a 'Horse face' , I'm surprised it's not Horse heart"
by Rik's nightmare April 07, 2015
a nasty ass broad that thinks she is hotter than shit but when you look at that long ass chin, nasty buck teeth and a mane like carrot top girl bye...BITCH STOP STARING.. ill cut you!!
horse face, i just wanna point and laugh at your stupid ass horse face!!!
by classy_bunny October 14, 2010
An obnoxious female that can telepathically speak with horses. Past times include bitching, slamming doors, and making out with horses.
Horseface is the girlfriend of your roommate that keeps you up all night making horse noises and talking about horses.
by bobbobbob578 April 20, 2011
A protestant or ganger (foreman on a work site)
Irish use.

May come from the supposed dour disposition of preysbyterians or the connection between the protestant aristocracy and the equine industry.
"what the horse face said when he saw him dead, well it wasn't what the rich call prayers" From McAlpine's Fusiliers, Ronnie Drew
by CEGlennBeckistan March 25, 2010
York University origin. May be used to describe a person displaying one or more of the following characteristics:

1. A face like a horse, primarily indicated by nose and face length
2. Scenster characteristics - likes to be seen in the right place at the right time with the right people
3. Likes to irrationally hate people together with their little following of freaks with overly curly hair
4. Likes to have many posing pictures of themselves on facebook
5. Likes to love other peoples men and suck up to them by referring to music
6. Likes to wrap their fringe around their head instead of getting a proper parting (maybe they should wrap it around their neck)
KH is a horseface and ST hates her
by NoirAnon December 28, 2007
Usually referring to a chick. Pertains to the physical characteristics of a girl's face. Characteristics include big buck teeth, protruding chin, and/or obnoxious naying sounds while breathing.
That SBC chick is a total horseface, so it's no wonder she has slept with all of HSC.
by Babbaganoosh August 06, 2005

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