A person with a long face, large teeth, a gaping mouth, and other horse-like facial characteristics.
My first girlfriend, aka horseface, was so lame. High School sucked.
by Adnan January 13, 2004
One of the many cruel labels that fall on butt ugly people with ridiculously long faces and large, gummy buckteeth.
horse face was lured into a false sense of security by way of a dangling carrot.
by decepti_kun January 15, 2006
a person usually female with an unusually disgusting face that in some way resembles a horse.
"damn look at her body"
"the body is nice but she has a fucking horseface!!!"
by Heather pettit March 18, 2008
When someone has high cheek bones and a slender face. Nickname given by douchebags who are really ugly and feel the need to shit on others

People Who have been called horse face:
Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Sam Worthington, other good looking celebs and average joes.
Kevinioann: Paris Hilton has such a horse face
Kirsten: Shut up you're just jealous your girlfriends not as hot, and doesnt have herps.
by DevilFan August 29, 2012
An elongated human face that most closely resembles either the face of an animal from the Equidae family, of the face of an adult that most probably suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The most prominent and public example of a horseface is the one recently displayed by Eli Manning after the Philadelphia Eagles defense destroyed his will.
Holy crap, did you see Eli's horseface after he threw an interception to Asante Samuel? It is so nasty that I just threw-up in my mouth. He really looks scared out there.
by Briwn Dawkins January 13, 2009
a person who has facial similarities to a horse. usually the person has large gums that make their teeth scene up everyone elses business, so that they often say, "shit, did you see that girl who looks like a horse, i mean god damn."
"i have a visual on horseface, god damn she looks like a horse"
by jkjkjklololol November 22, 2007
A person, usually a girl, who looks like a horse. Her face is long, narrow, has a big chin, big teeth, big gums, and a big gummy smile.
"My wife looks like a horse with her big gummy buck teeth and big horse gums. My wife definitely has a horse face."
by r2c3c February 23, 2012
Un-attractive, annoying, attention-seeking person.
Misty is a horseface.
by against-horseface March 15, 2008

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