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Level up from a 13 pounder, where the vagina is not only extremely heavy but also hairy and is caked with dried pee and blood on the lips. This gives the vagina a smell that resembles that of a man that has died in an earthquake.
Star Jones has the worlds most hamajang horse vagina.
by PUBEHEADS January 15, 2004
The New word for a "Mushtashe"

The Horsevagina is the mother of all Mushtashes and people will honour you for your greatness and if people people dont know who you are, its because you have no mushtashe or if you are a woman.
A Man Has a Horsevagina!
by RoflFeen0 June 17, 2010
1. the vagina of a horse. often what baby horses are pushed out of.

2. where all of the Twilight books have seemingly emerged from. No one knows why, they just have.
1. oh man, that poor thing. having to be pushed out of a horsevagina!

2. Guy 1: "Did you read TWILIGHT!!! they were so AMAZING!!! I just want to marry edward cullen!!! he is soooo sexy!!!"

Guy 2: "Those horsevagina novels? man, they are so stupid!"
Guy 3: "guy 1, you are such a faggety andy"
by horsevagina April 27, 2010
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