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Another affectionate nickname for Howard Stern producer Gary Dell'Abate aka BaBa Booey, famous for having thick lips, breath like a sewer and horse like teeth.
Gary: Eric's called in about ten times today.
Eric The Midget: Shut up you pea-brained, horse toothed jackass.
Fred: Ack Ack
by lol*dongs August 08, 2008
One of Sal Governale's numerous nicknames for Howard Stern's producer, Gary Dell'Abate.
"That Horse-Toothed Jackass Baba Booey has enormous choppers and diarrhea breath."
by creedmoor September 08, 2006
Member of the orangutan family known for the powerful odor of its breath, inability to work efficiently, and massive front teeth.
"The Horse Toothed Jackass is commonly hunted by ivory dealers."
by Lo Wang August 14, 2003
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