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For use when something doesnt go your way...
She had sex with that guy?... That's a bunch of horse pussy
by PJ March 20, 2005
Referring to dark colored, fleshy pussy lips. Typically found amongst <br>women of hispanic or asian descent; though this term is used when <br>the features are seen out of context on a lighter skinned white woman.<br> Instead of perky, pink labia, a girl possesses an unexpected <br>darker shade of vaginal protrusion. Not seen as a bad thing; some <br>find this attribute unique and appealing. Recently it has gained <br>notoriety and a fetish-like following.
Ex. 1: "When I took off Amanda's thong she had a Horse Pussy".
Ex. 2: "Her horse Pussy looked like a grilled burger between two sesame seed buns".
Ex. 3: "That white girl's meat curtains looked more like a roast beef sandwich".
by $ilver Hor$e February 28, 2009
The female equivolent of a small penis. A large and loose vagina. As undesireable amongst the male population as a 3 inch penis is to the female population.
Man, that girl from last night would have been a perfect 10 if it wasn't for her horse pussy! She had the biggest meat curtains I have ever seen. When I first saw it I thought it was a bulldog chewing on mayonaise!
by Nosam September 24, 2007
"Bull shit" taken to a whole new level.
person 1 - "President Bush is a genius!"
person 2 - "Oh, horse pussy! He is a freakin' moron!"
by brian March 17, 2003
A gross injustice; An unfortunate state of events; Something so egregious that the word bullshit would be an understatement
Monte: Man, I was really looking forward to a beer after work but my wife just text me and said I have to go to the dirty hippie farm to pick up vegetables.

Luke: Awww man that really sucks...

Monte: That's horsepussy. I mean I could have gone on Sunday but I would have been late for the baseball game.

Luke: Which also would have been horsepussy.
by Flizzle62 May 07, 2009
A grotesque, emotional creature often female that practices promiscuous behavior, complains often, and has an unusual appetite for hay and male genitalia. Such creature often expels an odor of raw fish and eggs. Rarely would a horsepussy be seen in public except in the presence of a large male population or swimming pool. A horsepussy releases an earpiercing sound when excited or in heat (which is often) and extremely dangerous. A horsepussy should not be approached under any circumstances and those who encounter one shall run the opposite direction because a horsepussy is capable of gnawing, burning, and destroying various parts of the human body upon contact.
Woah, I saw this disgusting horsepussy in Denver today she almost got me man!" "Dude, that sucks I ran into a horsepussy in Council Bluffs and had to get rabies shots for weeks.
by AblackMan389 June 14, 2011
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