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Someone who has an uncontrollable fear of sexual situations ie a person that suffers from hornophobia. Hornophobes can be male or female, but most are female.
Bob: Wow that girl has has a really nice ass.
Jake: Yeah, I love it when they're nice and round like that but their still tight. She must workout often.
Rochelle: Oh my god! Did you just say something perverted again? Shut up SHUT UP! That is way too much info omg shut up!
Bob: . . . . ?
Jake: Don't be such a hornophobe. There's nothing wrong about sexual feelings. Just ignore her Bob, it's natural.
Rochelle: You guys like premarital sex, you're fucking sick! Why can't you just repress yourself like everyone else?
Bob: "To thine own self be true!"
by Urban Hitchhiker September 25, 2005
One who suffers from Hornophobia. See also Hornophobia, Hornophobic
"What's up with Leila?"
"Oh, she's just a hornophobe"
by Demoteus September 09, 2005
One who views the sexual expression of oneself as frightening or offensive, such people have generally be trained since childhood to consider sex unnatural and different from other human behaviors i.e. eating they will typically fight tooth and nail to maintain these conventions even in the face of logic.
Yep, a hornophobe. You've met one, you're probably thinking of him.her right now.

The opposite of Jim's dad from American Pie, perhaps.
by PSEUDO_name June 07, 2009
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