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1) A 'Johnny-Come-Lately' football fan. 2) The 'Prawn Sandwich Brigade'. 3) A 'celebrity' who claims to have supported 'x' since they were knee-high but in reality wouldn't know a goalpost from a corner flag. 4) A person who treats a Premiership game as an alternative to a trip to the theatre/art gallery etc. 5) A camera-swinging tourist.

Typically white, liberal, middle-class, professional, higher than average income, university educated, lives in the home counties or the more desirable areas of most cities, and had only the most marginal of interest in/no interest at all in football until 1) after the Taylor Report, 2) the advent of all-seater stadia/The Premiership/Sky, 3) the repositioning of football as 'entertainment'. Drinks in wine bars rather than pubs.

Taken from Nick Hornby, whose first novel 'Fever Pitch' introduced the game for the first time to a whole class of people who had never even thought about going to football before reading his book, and consequently set in motion the complete snd utter commercialisation of the working-man's game, whilst at the same time pricing the working-class out of the game altogether.
"Excuse me, my wife and I cannot see the field if you insist on standing throughout the game? Would you please sit down?"

"Do want a slap you cunt? Fucking Hornby's.."
by Proper Gooner June 09, 2006
Post 1989 supporters of Arsenal football club. Derived from the novelist 'Nick Hornby', author of Fever Pitch. A book about how he was such a huge Arsenal fan, he couldn't be arsed to travel 200 miles to watch them win their first title for 18 years.
The Hornbies have developed a case of Wengervision again.
by Jonny December 23, 2003
sex c man
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
Noun. To be really horny
Last night I was feeling sexy and hornby
by Sorrell January 20, 2005