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HORIZON: A gorgeous girl who doesn't know it.She is a funny and fun girl who you want around.She is very trust worthy and you can talk to her about anything.She is also a very strange child how ever that is what makes her great and lovable.You can also be yourself around her which is another great and awesome thing about her.She doesn't believe in her potential!!!!Shes very tolerant till u cross the line then all hell breaks lose!!!the best friend any girl could ever have. alittle stubborn at times,but its usually because shes right LOL. She can keep any secret you give her, and if she shares it then theres a reason why she did . God could trust her to never tell anyone where the garden of eden is that is how trustworthy Horizon is. She is a very beautiful girl and needs a good friend to remind her always!She is very wise beyond her years, but also has a very very playful side to her. sometimes has trouble expressing herself , but thats why her friend is there for her
"Horizon (this girl) is really nice"
"Horizon is a great friend"
"Horizon (the girl)"
by Violets-are-blue August 29, 2011

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